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Why us?

At Supersol, we're dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of data. We help you with smart data analytics, web & app tracking, customer journey analysis to generate acionable insights, so you can make smarter and informed decisions. We also provide the toolbox that you need to bring data driven experiences to your customers.


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, understanding your customers and their behaviors is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. That's where we come in.


Our motto is Integration, Automation and Simplification of all business processes with the power of Data and Digitalization.

With the power of 10+ years experience in telecoms and insurance sectors, we help you ask the right questions and find the right answers to help your business grow.


Whether you have a treasure trove of historical data or you're just starting to collect information, we can help you unlock the potential within your data to drive growth.


We are specialized in advanced tracking tools to provide you with real-time insights, helping you increase conversions. We have hands‑on experience with industry standard tracking tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Piwik Pro, etc.


Understanding your customers' journey from awareness to conversion is vital for optimizing campaign performance. We analyze every touchpoint to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. We are specialized in call tracking solutions to bring the complete transparency to online-to-telesales customer journeys.

Call center


Digitalization in call centers is essential for delivering a superior customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and staying competitive in today's fast-paced business environment. Regardless of your call center setup, we help you leverage digitalization to every step!

Omnichannel Integration

Online, telesales and retail channels are chronically disconnected in many organisations. You need technical integrations throughout your online and offline channels to address this problem. We provide the necessary methods, tools and techniques to bring you there!


Do all your customers see the same website on every visit, regardless of their recent actions and status? Do they hear the same announcements when they call, get treated as an anonymous entity? Let us make your customer experience data-driven to serve every customer with tailored experiences.

Who are we?

Ercan Kantar is founder and owner of Supersol IT Solutions.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree on Computer Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and Master of Science Degree on Computer Science from Technical University of Munich.

Ercan worked over 10 years in the areas of Business Intelligence, Database Marketing and Marketing Performance Management at renowned companies like Turkcell, Kabel Deutschland and Vodafone.


Since 2021, he has been supporting organizations like Telefónica and ERGO as freelance consultant on multiple data and integration projects.

Ercan Kantar - Supersol IT Solutions


Referenz Telefónica

Leonard-Daniel ConraDI
Senior Online Performance Marketing Manager

"Mr. Kantar worked in an extremely structured, very goal-oriented manner and with remarkable efficiency. In combination with the very great technical know-how and his winning nature, with which he was able to integrate the stakeholders relevant to the project, excellent project results were achieved in a very short time, which far exceeded expectations."

Referenz Vodafone

RAiner Rupprecht
Director Database Marketing

"Mr. Kantar's way of working was always accurate, punctual and efficient. Even with unexpected problems, he coped flawlessly. Mr. Kantar's work results were always of very good quality. He always completed the work assigned to him to our complete satisfaction."

Referenz Ergo Direkt

Jürgen Geier
Referent Online Marketing SEA

"The cooperation in the project was always very positive, because the existing processes were fully understood, adapted to the objective and a sustainable success was generated. Thanks to the technical competence in call tracking, a complex, existing infrastructure could be made ideally and purposefully usable."

Our Philosophy

We aspire integration, automation and simplification of all businesses with the power of data and digitalization.

To achieve that inspiration, we adopt a set of guiding principles and values that reflect our mission, vision, and commitment to our clients.

Client First

We put clients' needs and objectives at the forefront of everything you do. We understand their business challenges and goals, and tailor your services to address them effectively. Because in business, there is no "one size fits all".

Data Driven Everything

We don't rely on "gut feelings". We emphasize the importance of data in making informed decisions. We encourage our clients to base their strategies on data-driven insights and provide the tools and expertise to enable this.​

Continuous Innovation

We stay at the cutting edge of technology and industry trends. We foster a culture of innovation to explore new solutions and learn continuously to provide the best services.​ We are not shy to learn from our clients, and we pass the best practices. 

Agile and Adaptable

We are flexible and adaptable in responding to changing client needs and market dynamics. We adopt agile methodologies to quickly adjust to evolving circumstances.​ Because in real life, nothing is as simple as a "waterfall".

Value Delivery

We focus on delivering tangible value to our clients. We neasure our success by the impact of our solutions on their business outcomes. We adopt a strong no-nonsense culture.

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